In the recent months, all the clips belongs to the series "To Pho" attract a huge number of audiences and special attentions of the young generation because they are cute, funny, enjoyable and follow up all the current trends really fast.


The main series of Pho Dac Biet currently storming on YouTube:

Phở's YouTube channel has reached over 1.000.000 subscribers, with avarage millions of views per clip and thousands of likes , ranking 1st stably on the charts of YouTube Vietnam, far exceeding other channels.

Fanpage Thich An Pho on Facebook:

Fanpage with over 2,500,000 likes totally with avarage 100,000 likes and thousands of comments and share per post on its timeline.

His talent in acting, amusing audiences has become a "symptom" in the online community and young generation in Vietnam, always ranking first in the most search keyword on YouTube Vietnam.